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Major change to feedback...

Since the last century, we have collected moderated feedback on Super70s.com (and Awesome80s.com) and posted to the appropriate page. As the number of pages ballooned to over 10,000, the process of approving posts has become very time consuming. My hope was to spend time creating new articles, not editing and approving feedback.

At the same time, I have also wanted to respond to demands for proper forums for our sites. Now that we have the forums, it seems to me that they are also the proper place for feedback and memories. Thus, all existing feedback will be converted over to these new forums.

This alters the way feedback is left as well. No longer will it be possible to anonymously leave feedback for a page; you must be logged in to post to the forums. I realize that this may cause some people with really compelling things to say to not bother, but I also don't want the forums to become the cesspool that some other forums have become.

I may leave a single feedback/memory per page as a teaser to bring people over to the forums.

It will take a while for the transition to take place, but I hope you will agree that threaded forums are a better place for all of us to "share our memories."

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Published Monday, February 27, 2006 7:30 AM by patrickmondout


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