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Baseball's Opening Day... And ours too!

Ready or not, here it comes! The long-promised baseball site is now in beta, which means you can check it out but do expect it to not be perfect. I am still fixing links, formatting issues, etc., and I have thousands of pages yet to upload. Check it out here:


Note that literally thousands of pages that are missing today will be in place inside of a week. Also note that much content focusing on the Super70s and Awesome80s will be written this spring and summer, so keep checking back. If you are a fan of Super70s/Awesome80s/90s baseball (or actually any era since we cover it all from 1869-2005) and would like to write an article for our site (you will get credit as author, but that's all I can offer you), just send me a message. I will write yearly team summaries for all teams and for all years, but that's several thousand! If you can write a nice summary of say the 1975 Pittsburgh Pirates, other fans and I will greatly appreciate it.

A 400,000+ page baseball site does not happen because of one person. Check out our credits.

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Published Sunday, April 02, 2006 12:56 PM by patrickmondout


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