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News about Super70s.com, Awesome80s.com, and Virtual90s.com.

  • Baseball's Opening Day... And ours too!

    Ready or not, here it comes! The long-promised baseball site is now in beta, which means you can check it out but do expect it to not be perfect. I am still fixing links, formatting issues, etc., and I have thousands of pages yet to upload. Check it out here:


    Note that literally thousands of pages that are missing today will be in place inside of a week. Also note that much content focusing on the Super70s and Awesome80s will be written this spring and summer, so keep checking back. If you are a fan of Super70s/Awesome80s/90s baseball (or actually any era since we cover it all from 1869-2005) and would like to write an article for our site (you will get credit as author, but that's all I can offer you), just send me a message. I will write yearly team summaries for all teams and for all years, but that's several thousand! If you can write a nice summary of say the 1975 Pittsburgh Pirates, other fans and I will greatly appreciate it.

    A 400,000+ page baseball site does not happen because of one person. Check out our credits.

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  • Baseball section goes live opening day! (April 2, 2006)

    Our long-awaited baseball section, which will not only cover the Super70s and Awesome80s, but the entire history of professional baseball from 1869-2004, will debut on Sunday, April 2, 2006. This is also MLB's opening day for the 2006 season. A few notes about this new baseball section:

    1. The statistics, which are from Retrosheet.org (used with permission), will stop with the 2004 season. We will add 2005 in the near future.
    2. Not all pages will be complete.

    In other words, this will be version 1.0 of our baseball section and it will doubtless improve in the future - especially with your feedback.

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  • Super70s.com Forums "go live"

    Ready or not, here we go! I've just officially launched our new community by announcing them on the homepages of Awesome80s.com and Super70s.com as well as by putting a "FORUMS" link at the top of ever existing page on the regular site.

    As stated on the home page for the community, the only forums that have been created are the ones for Super70s TV shows. I'm still adding old messages into those forums, but I will create the other forums as soon as I have a chance.

    This is nevertheless a great day for me and for all long-time fans of our sites as we now have the means to truly communicate with one another as part of a virtual community.

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  • Major change to feedback...

    Since the last century, we have collected moderated feedback on Super70s.com (and Awesome80s.com) and posted to the appropriate page. As the number of pages ballooned to over 10,000, the process of approving posts has become very time consuming. My hope was to spend time creating new articles, not editing and approving feedback.

    At the same time, I have also wanted to respond to demands for proper forums for our sites. Now that we have the forums, it seems to me that they are also the proper place for feedback and memories. Thus, all existing feedback will be converted over to these new forums.

    This alters the way feedback is left as well. No longer will it be possible to anonymously leave feedback for a page; you must be logged in to post to the forums. I realize that this may cause some people with really compelling things to say to not bother, but I also don't want the forums to become the cesspool that some other forums have become.

    I may leave a single feedback/memory per page as a teaser to bring people over to the forums.

    It will take a while for the transition to take place, but I hope you will agree that threaded forums are a better place for all of us to "share our memories."

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  • Forums only days away!

    Great news! I am just a few days away from introducing our long-awaited forums. From this point forward, all further notices about our sites will be posted on the "blog" feature of our new community software.

    The previously mentioned baseball project continues. Looks like a month away with the work on the new community (forums) taking precedence. :(

    I've decided to integrate most feedbacks on our sites into the forums. It seems the logical place for them. This will take some time as I also have to modify the existing site to forward folks over to the proper new forum.

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  • What's new at Super70s.com!

    I have long wanted to be able to keep those of you who visit the site regularly in the loop with regards to what is going on here at Super70s.com. I have put that wish on the back burner as other issues have taken priority. I can wait no longer, however. So here is my first attempt to keep you informed. Remember that you can contact me with any suggestions or questions using the Help forums.

    I have two major projects I am working on right now. The first is a set of forums where we can discuss everything about the Super70s, Awesome80s and 90s. Need help remembering the name of an old song? There will be a forum to ask such questions. Want help finding an episode of Real People? Ask in the Real People forum. There will eventually be literally thousands of forums on topics ranging from Watergate to the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

    This project is nearing a completion date, but it is not a date I set. The forum software I will be using is currently in "Beta 2", which means its not quite ready for prime time. When it goes to Beta 3, I will be creating the first couple of hundred forums, populating some of them with old questions I have received over the years (both those that I answered personally and those which I did not have an answer for) and then putting a link at the top of every page so that everyone knows the forums are available. It looks like all of this could happen by Groundhog Day.

    The forums software, by the way, has a blogging feature. I would imagine that posts like these should be blogged, so they will likely appear there in the future. If any of you would like to have a blog on Super70s.com, just let me know and we'll discuss it.

    The second major project is the baseball section (within the sports section). My sports section has sucked for a long time and I'm about to change all of that. At least insofar as baseball is concerned. For reasons that are too complicated to go into here (but which will be explained in the baseball section itself), I will be covering all of major league baseball from those other Super70s (the 1870s) on up through at least the 2004 season. I had hoped to limit my scope as this is a lot of work, but it was not possible while still providing a statistical archive for those who played in the Super70s, Awesome80s, and Virtual90s.

    Let me acknowledge that this project (Super70s/Awesome80s and now Virtual90s) was more than one person could reasonably be expected to pull off. I am way, way behind on getting feedback posted and I cringe virtually every day of my life at how little content has been created in certain areas of the site. You should know that I don't make a living off this site and never will. It's a labor of love and, perhaps, a sign of madness as I seen to have discarded a once promising career in information technology for this Quixotic journey. Please appreciate this site for what it is and forgive its (my) limitations. 

    As always, thanks for visiting!
    Patrick Mondout

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