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Loved the theme song

Last post 03-11-2006, 7:24 PM by Cynthasyzer. 0 replies.
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  •  03-11-2006, 7:24 PM 1578

    Loved the theme song

    The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams ranks as one of my all time favorite movie and shows for two major reasons. The first is that I have always liked the outdoors. Having seen my first bear in the wild when I was young, and remembering how scared I got, then continuing to camp out for a few days and nights was an incredible experience. I have been going camping now for many, many years and another generation (my kids) are doing the same. They too have seen the movie several times. The other reason is that the theme song 'Maybe' just gives me a feeling of wanting to spend as much time as possible out anywhere in the woods.

    I don't know if Tom Pace ever wrote or sang any other songs, but I remember seeing Evil Knievel jump the Snake River Canyon. While watching that event by closed ciruit T. V. , a song was being played about his jump and I am positive it was Tom Pace. Never heard it since. If I may, and with all due respect to Mr. Tom Pace, I would like to write the lyrics to 'Maybe' with an additional (third) verse that I added and that I sing and play with my guitar quite often.

    Deep inside the forest is a door into another land.
    Here is our life and home.
    We are staying here forever in the beauty of this place all alone.
    We keep on hoping. . .
    Maybe, there's a world where we don't have to run.
    Maybe, there's a time we'll call our own,
    living free in harmony and majesty take me home. Take me home.

    Walking through the land where every living thing is beautiful.
    Why does it have to end? We are calling, oh so softly on the whispering of the wind as we send. . . a dying message.


    Traveling with my wife and kids throughout this great big land of ours.
    Soon, they'll be grown and gone.
    And I'll sigh, oh so sadly as I think of times we've spent through the years, and going places.



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