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Roots: The Next Generation

Last post 03-17-2006, 8:28 PM by Cynthasyzer. 0 replies.
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  •  03-17-2006, 8:28 PM 1965

    Roots: The Next Generation

    What can I say! You really need to read the book first to get the full picture. The TV drama then just heightens the experience. . . with the addition of "Roots: The Next Generation". Whilst I found the earlier years of "Roots" to be more compounding this next generation is just as worthy of your time and upmost attention. It gradually brings us upto date with years of change during that dark period. It does however make one question if we have truely moved on from those dark days.

    Whilst I appreciate we have in so many ways, it still brings to mind the phrase "one step forward, two steps back". This film shows us that the family do eventually prosper to working for a lumber yard owner to taking over and owning the business. All of which gives the family the means to ensure their children can go onto become educated. In particular Simon Haley through him we live the dream that if you put your mind to it and study hard then education can be be a means to freedom - I would add to an extent! Simon goes on to meet his sweetheart and the 2 of them have their own family.

    Do they live happily ever after? Hell no! This is a black film we are talking about here! The sweetheart therefore dies and leaves him to be a single father. Life goes on for Simon though. . . yet he has little time for his oldest sons dreams. Of all the things in all the land young Alex Haley wants to be a writer, he wants to free his mind and live his own dream. When he has his own family his dream comes at a price. . . sadly its his family leaving him as they feel his distance in his search. Alex finally lives his dream and through this we experience his findings, when he looks for the truth of his life from the beginning: the births, deaths, slavery, prejudice, racism, brutality, love, politics, war.

    The Next Generation concludes all the trials and tribulations that our ancestors lived and breathed in order to give us the voices, thoughts and happiness we have today. I personally found this film to be an enlightenment and that it shows that we "people of colour" are a strong culture. All I can say to you now is - watch it and decide for yourself.
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