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Last post 01-20-2012, 2:47 AM by RickWeston. 1 replies.
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  •  09-09-2011, 3:56 PM 4671


    Seeing these pictures of the vintage "Clicker Clacker" brings back old memories, I used to drive my parents crazy with that toy which i figured it was their own fault as they were the ones that baught it for me(LOL). At first when i got the toy i was constantly smashing my fingures,hands and dodging it from hitting me in the head as i just could not get the hang of it as shown on TV, but as time whent by and not giving up with my attempts to master this item i finaly suceeded at getting this toy to click and clack at will, everyone kept telling me to take it outside, go somewhere else, and so on.

    I could not get enough of this toy, watching the balls go up and down, the noise getting louder and louder as it was speeding up to the point it sounded as if it was almost humming with that slight clicking noise mixed in. One day without warning not realizing the dangers involved with such a device, walking around with it and its:


    I heard from one moment to the next the sound of glass breaking as if someone had thrown a rock through a glass plate window and at the same time being showered by glass realizing that it was the "Clicker-Clacker" that i was playing with had shatterd. Standing there in shock, with small pieces of colored glass all around me I then realized that i was not hurt or cut by the flying glass. It was after this that a month or so later the Goverment put out a statement about the dangers of this toy, which brings out the question of why? If you think about it we as children back then just experienced an extreme form of science and became part of the experemnt. So who is to say science can't be fun although sometimes dangerouse? and the next question should be: Should the Goverment realy be aloud to ban sceince? "Just a thought".

  •  01-20-2012, 2:47 AM 4724 in reply to 4671

    Re: Clackers

    Do you have any pictures of that time with you?
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