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Jeremy Gelbwaks!

Last post 03-05-2006, 8:48 PM by Cynthasyzer. 1 replies.
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  •  03-05-2006, 8:46 PM 728

    Jeremy Gelbwaks!

    I was a pre-teen when The Partridge Family debuted on ABC back in 1970. I was a major fan of JEREMY GELBWAKS. I was very sad when he was replaced by BRIAN FORSTER.

    I heard two different stories on why cute JEREMY was replaced. One said that his family moved to Virginia because his father's company transferred him. Another story was that JEREMY didn't get along well with his co-stars. That one is very hard for me to believe.

    JEREMY was talented and very happy on the show from what I could tell. BRIAN was OK but he would never portray CHRIS PARTRIDGE half as well as JEREMY did.

    I have all the first 4 TIGER BEAT PARTRIDGE FAMILY magazines, thanks to E-bay. These four magazines had JEREMY in them in color and black & white photos.

    Recently I bought the DVD set of THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY first season. 25 episodes in all. All these had JEREMY in them, at his very best! All uncut original episodes. Fortunately, the DVD's had the original theme song, "When We're Singin'", which was dubbed over with the second theme, "C'mon Get Happy".

    Watching the DVDs of JEREMY GELBWAKS again made me get out my PARTRIDGE magazines and gaze at JEREMY's beautiful looks! Call me sentimental or not, I am probably gonna be a PARTRIDGE fan forever!



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  •  03-05-2006, 8:48 PM 730 in reply to 728

    Re: Jeremy Gelbwaks!

    The Partridge Family was my favorite show of the time, although I much prefer the first season because Jeremy Gelbwaks played Chris. He was very cute and charming, and came across as totally unaffected. And he had the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. Jeremy was also a good actor and delivered his lines well; the pity was they never gave him enough lines. Still, he made the most out of a peripheral role, and he could've blossomed into a vital player in the show if they'd given him the chance. His replacement was came off as stiff, and nothing special, by comparison.

    I was very disappointed when season two debuted and no Jeremy. Even though I kept watching, some of the charm was definitely gone. I think the reason given for leaving the show involving his dad's job transfer was simply Screen Gems' cover-story; apparently Jeremy could be difficult on the set. However, I don't believe it was Jeremy's fault -- he had an extremely pushy, obnoxious "stage" mother who was at him constantly, and I think the sometimes sullen or angry behavior was a direct product of this. Darned shame.

    I recently purchased the entire first season on dvd, and those episodes were the best of the entire run. Jeremy was particularly adorable in the skunk episode, the Lori's braces episode, during the 2 musical numbers at the end of the pilot episode, and the episode where Danny gets a big head due to a very favorable column written about him -- and the priceless irony is revealed in the "surprise" ending when we find out the columnist simply got the name wrong -- it was Chris who she was talking about! That was one "surprise" ending that didn't surprise me a bit! Danny could be very funny, but Jeremy takes it in the cute department every time!

    Yep, Jeremy's number one!


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