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Memories of Gunsmoke

Last post 03-11-2006, 6:02 PM by Slammin' Slamo. 1 replies.
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  •  03-11-2006, 6:02 PM 1471

    Memories of Gunsmoke

    Being born part of the baby boomer generation after World War II, I grew up watching weterns on TV and one of my favorites was "Gunsmoke. " Although considered an adult western, I enjoyed it because it had a good cast, good directing, and great scripts. Let's say I got tired of TV cowboy heroes whose hats never fell off during a fight, whose simplistic plots were often overshadowed by their "Wonder" horses with exotic names, and their side-kicks who were often relegated as subservient buffoons or not too bright ("What we do now, Kemo Saby?"). "Gunsmoke" was not your typcal "shoot-em'-up" horse operas that gutted TV screens in the 50's. "Gunsmoke" was different. They dealt more with character studies--real people in real (no, not reel--real!) situations of everyday life that we can often relate to in our own lives. Although occasionally you had your shoot-outs, it was basically the character involvement that made this series a gem and allowed it to remain a hit for 20 years. Still a record, and will probably never be equaled. I have collected many of the episodes on videocassette, and now, as a grandfather, my grandchildren watch them with me. Great series! And it will continue to delight and entertain newer generations for many years to come.


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  •  03-11-2006, 6:02 PM 1472 in reply to 1471

    Re: Memories of Gunsmoke

    I grew up with Gunsmoke. I was eleven when Gunsmoke started. It was a special time for my family to sit around the television on a Saturday night then later on Mondays. It was more than a treat for me because I not only got to watch my favoite show, but I got to stay up late too.

    To this day I'm still am a big fan of Gunsmoke; I even have a website on it (Gunsmokeobsession). I love all those wonderful characters (Matt/James Arness, Kitty/Amanda Blake, Doc/ Milburn Stone, Festus/Ken Curtis, Chester/Dennis Weaver, Quint/Burt Reynolds, Sam/Glenn Strange, and Louie/James Nusser and so many other, plus guest stars)that made the show so special.

    I've had the fortune of being put on James Official Website sight under fan appreciation. I had a Gunsmoke Birthday party and celebrated my 60th as Miss Kitty; I actually died my hair red for
    the occation. My hair is actually blond. We had a ball, as you can see on Jim's sight.

    What saddens me is that it is being fazed out. Western channel has canceled it. It looks like TV Land is doing the same thing. All I can say is that the show has brighten my days and my memories will always be there. I have my DVD's and Videos to reflect on it.


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