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Have learned

Last post 03-29-2015, 3:07 AM by hjkgh9n9i. 0 replies.
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  •  03-29-2015, 3:07 AM 289032

    Have learned

    According to Xinhua News Agency, an octogenarian old man driving the American desert strayed car into a ditch, but unfortunately trapped. No water, no food, hot day, cold at night ...... persist after five days and wait for the old man finally rescued.


    After the experience of this incident, the old man got a lesson: be sure to bring drinking water to drive out.


    Strayed into the desert for help nowhere


    Old ・ Morello, now 84 years old, who lives in Chicago. He recalled the experience that on the 7th day,scarpe hogan, he drove home from a restaurant in Arizona, midway wrong turn,tn requin pas cher, into the desert on the 15th at a news conference. When he realized the wrong turn back when the car into the ditch,a family asked, unable to move.


    Morello climbed out of the car,Chen Mouping often called Xia,abercrombie pas cher, return the car after walking a while, and then dial calls. Before long, the car battery and cell phone batteries are exhausted. He took a piece of chrome alloy plate from the car, on the roof, hoping someone can find the reflection of light.


    Waiting to be rescued is particularly long time, read the instruction manual car when bored; not with water, thirsty to drink a little glass of water; no warm clothing,and can quickly escape., can only rely on car seat against the cold. US National Weather Service data show Morello caught in the desert these days,hogan, the desert night temperature of 4 degrees to 7 degrees Celsius.


    Joint Air Ground Search and Rescue


    Support the full 5 days, Morello tap on the window to hear the sound, the original is a hiker. "I can not help but kiss him," the Associated Press quoted him as saying on the 16th story,said the staff "knowledge.", "To me, he looks like an angel."


    However, Morello did not disclose the name of a hiker's name at a news conference.


    In fact, during the Morello trapped, rescue work has been carried out. Government rescue officials said Jim Sheehan, the relevant agencies informed Morello dispatched after missing aircraft aerial search of work, while about 100 volunteers issuing leaflets,Tan Zuming revived, on the ground looking for Morello.


    Sheehan said the search continued for more than four days,probably because of its decor, "no one to give up." When Morello received a phone call that was rescued when Sheehan was searching on an airplane.


    Have learned: drive with enough water


    After being rescued, Morello was sent to Phoenix, Arizona, John ・ C ・ Lincoln Hospital. The doctor said, when Morello admission in good health.


    Because of suffering from diabetes,some users post, Morello will stay in hospital for observation for several days. Meanwhile,louboutin femme, the doctor will treat his kidney damage.


    It is not clear whether drinking wiper cleaning liquid damage to his body. Kevin Weir doctor said preliminary inspection report,ask a neighbor to a refund, Morello also ingested some antifreeze, which is much more harmful than the wiper cleaning fluid.


    After this long and painful experience trapped event, Morello determined not to drive alone in the future for a long time.


    He also got a lesson: "Without water, do not drive."

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