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Fate of replacement Angels

Last post 03-04-2006, 7:36 AM by Cynthasyzer. 1 replies.
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  •  03-04-2006, 7:35 AM 348

    Fate of replacement Angels

    I remember it as the show that could launch an actress' career in the Super70s. After it became a big hit, every girl in hollywood wanted to be in it. Among those who reportedly came close to being casted at various points include Michelle Pfeiffer, Barbara Bach, Suzy Coelhoe, Connie Selleca, Priscilla Presley. The magic disappeared when Kate Jackson, centerpiece of the show, left after three seasons. It damaged the career prospects of pretty model and promising actress, Shelley Hack, when she subbed for Kate. The show also banished another hopeful, Tanya Roberts (who replaced Shelley), to languish in softporn productions after the show folded up. The gold suddenly became poison.

    --Mariz Marquez

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  •  03-04-2006, 7:36 AM 351 in reply to 348

    Re: Fate of replacement Angels

    Truly ironic, "Charlie's Angels" is one of the most memorable and well-loved series ever, succeeding spectacularly despite the show's preposterous premise, asinine writing, and absolutely transparent entertainment value. Everyone thought the show would tank with the exit of Farrah Fawcett, but in actuality it performed better in the ratings with the addition of Cheryl Ladd. Kate Jackson's "Sabrina" definitely was the most charismatic and and worthwhile character in the long run. When she was gone, the show should have been cancelled. Shelley Hack was introduced and an icy pall was cast over the show. A disastrous replacement, Hack appeared uncomfortable and very out-of-place on the series and fans took notice. Worse for Hack, her character was ill-conceived and she had to replace the centerpiece of the show, while joining late in the series' run. A lot of people have dogged Tanya Roberts but I thought she was fantastic. With her edgy vibe and a coltish, infectious energy, Roberts made the chilly, WASP-y Hack a distant memory with her unique voice and exotic beauty. Considering that the final season included some of the worst scripts ever made for any series television, Roberts did a great job. However, by 1981, the show was very passe and it was obvious that Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd were very tired of it. Most of the episodes were pretty mundane, but series highlights included "Angels In Chains" (Season 1), "Hours Of Desperation" (Season 2), "Counterfeit Angels" (Season 3), "Angel Hunt" (Season 4), and "Angel On The Line" (Season 5).


    (NOTE: This automated user posts old messages from before we had these forums (March 2006). (More information.)
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