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Cruise Director Julie McCoy

Last post 03-05-2006, 5:51 PM by Motrmouth. 1 replies.
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  •  03-05-2006, 5:49 PM 634

    Cruise Director Julie McCoy

    I am 12 years old, and since The Love Boat has been on TV Land at 8:00 on weeknights, I have not missed one episode, and I have taped them all. My favorite character is Cruise Director Julie McCoy (played by Lauren Tewes). She was always so cheerful and perky. I loved watching how she helped different people and got around different obstacles. After she left the show however, it was never the same. I still watched it, but I wasn't as interested in it, as I was when Julie was still on it. Someday I would love to meet her in person, but I know with that, I am pushing my luck. Maybe someday on a fan cruise. Who knows? I was always hoping, that someday on chronicle etc. that they would do life stories on all of the cast members of the Love Boat, with the the real stars talking, and explaining what went on, and how they got around their problems. Who knows, mabye someday it will happen.
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  •  03-05-2006, 5:51 PM 638 in reply to 634

    Re: Cruise Director Julie McCoy

    The Love Boat was my favorite show in the Super70s. There was the escapism of going vicariously on a scenic cruise every week and I'm rather a romantic at heart too, so the amorous (Some may call them mushy. ) stories had an appeal for me.

    Mostly, though, I watched because like probably many other teenage boys at the time, I had quite a crush on the approachable--and, yes, perky--Julie McCoy! I've heard that some producers were unhappy with Lauren Tewes because they had wanted a more voluptuous woman, but I usually go for the slim, fashion-model type, like Lauren was, anyway. In fact, she actually did get to play a model when she substituted for one in a fashion show in a 2-part episode from the fifth season.

    Not surprisingly, the more memorable episodes for me are ones in which Julie has a major role. I remember the one in which her high-school reunion was held aboard the Pacific Princess. I was rather jealous when she fell in love with the widower Jack Chenault (played by Tony Roberts) in the episode "Julie Falls Hard. " After saying to him she wasn't ready to get married, she changed her mind the next season when she went to visit him on the Alaska-cruise episode only to find out he had married someone else by then. Who can forget too what is probably the most famous episode ("Friends and Lovers") in which Julie and Gopher experience a brief reciprocal infatuation? Poor Julie also later had another love interest in Australia, this time to find out he had a fatal disease! The show's writers were such a tease!

    The funniest episode in my opinion is only the second one of the whole series (entitled "Oh, Dale!") in which John Ritter impersonates a woman to keep an eye on the girlfriend who dumped him, only to ultimately fall for his (her?) cabinmate. I believe the most moving episode is also from the first year. This would be the one named "Lost and Found, " in which a runaway boy attempts to convince a vacationing couple (played by Sandy Duncan and Jim Stafford), who had lost their own child, to adopt him. Just try holding back the tears when Sandy explains to him how much his real parents were worried about him!

    Although I had wished there were a few more sad endings to make the program just a little more realistic, I faithfully tuned in virtually every week from when it debuted in September 1977 to watch this landmark show. Faithfully, that is, until Lauren was given the sack in 1984, reputedly for cocaine use. I have nothing against her replacement Pat Klous and I did still watch from time to time, but The Love Boat just wasn't the same for me without Lauren. Others may have felt the same way, for the program went on after Lauren's departure for only two more seasons, ending in May 1986.

    I still enjoy watching this program when possible. As I write this in 2004, it has been most recently shown on TV Land. To my knowledge, it isn't available yet on DVD (or VHS for that matter). Hopefully soon.

    --Secret Admirer

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