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Swag Lamps

By Leona Jean

Swag lamps, which first appeared in the 50s, were very popular in the Super70s. Many homes had at least one hanging in a corner or over a table. The swag lamps were usually made of plastic or Lucite rather than glass and had long (10 feet or more) chains with the cord intertwined through the chain. They were hung from the ceiling with two hooks, one of which held the lamp, and there was a "swag" (a curve draped between two points) between the two hooks. Many of these took the place of 60s pole lamps.



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"I honestly didn't know that the "swag" was so dated. We have had one hanging in our house, in the corner, over a table, for what seems to be forever. Our's is unique, it's a macrame. It was purchased at a macrame gift shop in the late Super70s. Very pretty and has always been a conversation piece. We have enjoyed it, and it is still functional."


"I have five swag lamps in my house now, and am looking for another for my guest room. I love these lamps; they take up NO space on a table. I have one on each end of a huge English leather couch in our computer room, one at each end of another lovely leather couch in the family room. These are particularly nice. They are made of fancy bamboo and have a 100 watt globe, giving loads of light! My fifth one is a nice dome-shaped white cloth-type lamp which I have in a corner of my sewing room. It gives me plenty of light where I need it while sewing! Why did these lamps go out of style? They are so perfect and 'out-of-the-way'. I wish I could find a pretty one for my guest room! {Editor's note: Check the eBay listings below!]"


"I remember in the Super70s my sister and brother inlaw had a swag lamp in their bed room. it was a set some kind of cut crystal looking thing it had a matching table hung on my brother in laws side of the bed and I heard many stories of him having to get up in the early morning before sun-up to go to work (he worked construction) and getting up fast and hitting his head on that sucker and saying a few choice words!

I bet that hurt too cause it had a kind of pointy decrative finial at the bottom (ouch!) any way i think my mom and dad went to vegas or somthing and I got to spend a couple of nights at their house. OH my did this teen boy learn some new words. :LOL"


"We had a swag lamp in my house when I was a kid. It was a green sphere with big chunks of green lucite glued onto it. When you turned it on it made the whole room green. I thought it was the coolest thing next to the orange and green shag carpeting that accompanied the swag"


"My in-laws still own what I consider the "ultimate swag lamp": the rain lamp. It's a hanging lamp with a pseudo-classical female statuette in the center and latticed wire work around the outside. When turned on, oil in the base of the lamp is warmed, pumped up to the top, and then runs down the wires like little raindrops. Believe it or not, you can still obtain oil for these things (I contacted the manufacturer listed on the bottom of the lamp to get mine). Recently, I cleaned up this rain lamp, added new oil, and it works great! I'm going to hang it in my Super70s pad, man!"

--Disco Girl

"I have a swag lamp that's a lucite black spider, from the sixties. It is in pristine condition, and when lit up looks magnificient. I have lot's of unique antique furniture in my home, but whenever I have guests visiting in my home the first item that grabs their attention is the hanging swag spider lamp. By the way, the spider's eyes are green and sparkle like emeralds. "




An original stained glass swag lamp from the Super70s. This one is about 12 inches in diameter, 14 inches in height, and has a 14 foot wire and chain power cord.

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Sanders

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