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Bigfoot/Sasquatch Man

By Patrick Mondout

You remember the grainy film of the guy in the ape suit pretending to be Bigfoot, right? The story dates back to August 1958 when the nation was gripped by tales of a mysterious and cryptozoological Abominable Snowman from the Himalayas. Not coincidentally, a bulldozer operator in Humboldt County, California discovered huge (16 inch) foot tracks around his rig. The Humboldt Times ran a story about "Bigfoot" and America got its own Abominable Snowman.

The owner of the bulldozer, a Ray L. Wallace, began selling a record of supposed "Bigfoot sounds" and produced pictures and even films of Bigfoot! By 1967 rodeo performer Roger Patterson had produced the film we all remember and by the Super70s, many people who should have known better were convinced. Indeed, Wallace offered to sell a Bigfoot to Texas businessman Tom Slick for a cool $1M and only backed out when Mr. Slick reportedly accepted the offer.

Goodbye Bigfoot, We Hardly Knew Ye

On November 26, 2002, Ray Wallace died at age 84. His family finally revealed the truth about Bigfoot. Wallace had a friend carve the feet he used to make the tracks out of wood. He also had various members of his family - including his wife - get in the "monkey suit" for his films. Wallace also knew Roger Patterson and had helped him stage his film as well.

Wallace was a fun-loving man who got a kick on the incredible prank he pulled. But not everyone's laughing. Some folks, would you believe, have made it their life's work to prove the existence of Bigfoot. And they're not willing to let go. They have always had grand conspiracy theories to explain away all the logical problems with their stories. These fools having been pushing this story for decades - you hardly expect them to walk away now do you? Always happy to see conspiracy where none exists, they have added his family to the list of co-conspirators.

Where Are They Today?

Bigfoot exists in two places today. In the minds of the true-believers and on eBay, where one guy tried for years to get $1M for a second generation copy of the Patterson film! He asked that no whackos contact him. No wonder he never sold it! No telling how much in eBay fees he paid but I'm sure they were sorry to see him give up. If you want Bigfoot memorabilia, check our links to the right and below.

Source: Lovable trickster created a monster with Bigfoot hoax. Bob Young; Seattle Times. December 5, 2002.


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